Storm Shield Now Offers Roof Financing For Texas Property Owners!

Local Roof Financing:
Upgrades | Replacements | Installations

During trying times or ones of triumph, (or in the case of needing to finance a roof), it can pay in spades to have a knowledgeable, professional outfit on hand to help assist with deciding a viable course for satisfaction. To that effect, we've outlined a drove of helpful information that relates directly to local options for roof financing.

Roofing Financing Options With Storm Shield

As many homeowners come to realize, there will come a time & instance where the need to replace, upgrade, or completely revamp their home's roofing system becomes too problematic to ignore. Whether due to decades of wear & tear as a result from combating the inclement climate we experience here in Texas or simply needing to boost monetary value & added longevity, replacing one's roof can often prove to be an expensive endeavor; depending on certain circumstances.

Which is why, in our continuous efforts to facilitate peerless roofing services for of our local patrons, we've recently become happily affiliated with Hearth® and established a partnership of unparalleled potential for our clientele. Please continue reading below to gain a better understanding of what options & opportunities are available to local Texas homeowners that are seeking financing for their home's respective roofing system.


Benefits of Roof Financing Through Storm Shield & Hearth®


No Impact on Credit Score
One Minute Pre-Qualification
Manageable Monthly Payments
Prepayments Incur No Penalties
Up To $100,000 in Loan Amounts
Home Equity Not Required



Why Would A Homeowner Need Financing For Their Home's Roofing System?

It's important to understand that while no to two homes or roofing systems are always identical in terms of age, design, material composition, or general condition, there are inherent commonalities that are noteworthy for many Texas homeowners. Chiefly, it is worth noting a few of the many reasons as to why many homeowners in Texas are typically prompted to explore financing options for a replacement of their home's roof are often out of their direct control. For example, the weather, climate, and swiftness of our seasonal changes can often place a tremendous burden on a properties roofing system; inevitably resulting in the homeowner needing to replace or upgrade their roof.



Top Reasons Why Texas Homeowners Finance Their Roofing:

Replacement, Installation, or Upgrade

Granted each property owner, home, or roofing system is innately different in regards to what preferences, problems, or possibilities are associated with them, however, we find it important to highlight some of the more common reasons we've come across that spur a local Texas resident to finance the replacement/installation of their home's roofing system.



Interested in Roof Financing Through Storm Shield?

As a leading local roofing contractor in Texas, we've had the privelege of serving in a wide variety of roofing-based capacities on behalf of our valued patrons over the years. As an example, we primarily assist our local clients with service-related roofing projects, including roof repairs, replacements, installs, & maintenance. However, we've also fulfilled the enviable position of facilitating the financing of local roofing systems as well.

Our Role(s) Regarding Roof Financing in Texas

    Roofing Upgrade
    Our staff are adept at helping to acquire the necessary funds to ensure that the upgrade of your property's roofing system begins, progresses, & concludes successfully.


    Roofing Installation
    Get in touch with our in-house roof finance experts here at Storm Shield to contemplate what financing options are available to help cover the cost of a roof installation.


    Roof Storm Damage
    Be it whistling wind, weeping water, or wicked weather that is the cuplrit of catastrophe, local residents & patrons alike can rest assured of the favorable financing offerd by us here at Storm Shield.


    Roof Replacement
    We understand the importance of finding amicable, affordable, & available financing for our local customers that are seeking to replace their property's roofing system.


✔ Roof Hail Damage
Considering hail damage is one of the leading contributors that ultimately result in a roof being replaced, it's no wonder why many Texas property owners are tasked with reviewing financing options for a roof replacement.


✔ Roof Storm Damage
Many storms here in Texas can be a stunning yet sinister occurence to local residents for a host of reasons; especially when it comes to said owner opting to finance their roof's unfortunate, yet necessary, replacement.


✔ Poor Roof Upkeep
Improper or infrequent roofing maintenance & general upkeep can and will eventually lead to the roofing system being repaired time & time again or eventually being outright replaced in all of its expensive entirety.


✔ Roofing Wear & Tear
As time progresses and the elements eventually win the battle against your home's roofing system, it may be worth pursuing some of the many roof financing options available through Storm Shield & our partnership with Hearth®.

✔ Faulty Roofing Material
Whether inadvertent or intentional, it's a widely-known, unfortunate reality that many roofing systems are composed & constructed of poor or shoddy material and will need to be repaired often & replaced eventually.


✔ Roof Safety Concerns
Due to the severe safety hazard of a storm damaged roof, the pitiful maintenance of its condition, or safeguard a solar panel system's support; its shown that roof safety concerns are impactful reasons to replace it.

✔ Solar Roofing Upgrade
Another common reason many Texas homeowners are seeking financing to replace or upgrade their home's roofing system is to accommodate a pending upgrade to solar panel (photovoltaic) energy production.


✔ Roof Water Damage
As is often the case, a leak can turn into a drip, which can escalate to a torrential flood in many cases; typically leading to a local Texas homeowner eventually obtaining financing to replace their home's roofing system.