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Starter Shingle Products

Applied as a starter course of shingles around the rakes and eaves of your roof. They prevent shingle blow off by adhering the field course and the starter course together.

Underlayment Products

A moisture barrier which acts as the final layer of protection to your roof deck.

Valley Protection

Self Sealing ice and water barrier for your most susceptible leak areas.

Field Shingles

From Laminate to Class 4, the main body of the roofing system, constructed from Fiberglass dipped in Asphalt, Coated with Granules. Change your homes curb appeal with a wide variety of styles and colors.

Hip & Ridge Shingles

Hip and Ridge Shingles provide a clean and consistent look while enhancing the aesthetics of your home, with added durable protection.


Each Home has it's own unique and specific ventilation needs. The installation of roof vents is a crucial part of roof design because it allows for proper attic ventilation, which may help prevent condensation and early aging of your roofing materials.

Residential Roofing, Roof Repair, Roof Replacement & New Roof Installation in Plano, TX & Beyond

Not every roofing job requires a complete replacement or brand new roofing installation. WIth that in mind, we’ve made it a real point to hone the roofing repair aspect of our company in order to accomodate all of our client’s roofing requirements.

No matter the scale of the job, large or small, commercial or residential, we are equipped with not only the best roofing equipment and roofers available, but we also implement the best strategies and techniques in the business through our decades of experience. Our one of a kind service coupled with our desire to have our customers to be involved with a roofing project that pays for itself in terms of quality, craftsmanship and timely completion is why Storm Shield Restoration in Plano, TX is the best of the best.

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