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Immediate Home Improvement Financing:
Remodeling | Renovations | Upgrades | Kitchens | Bathrooms | Custom

In consideration of local property owners in Texas seeking to revamp their respective homes, houses, or offices, we are proud to not only offer actual service coverage but also a means to facilitate the project financing as well! Recently partnered with Hearth, we've expanding our capacities to now include funding & financing options for local Texas residents that are interested in reinvesting back into their properties.

Local Home Improvement Financing Options With Storm Shield

Construction can be a costly but necessary move for some homeowners and business owners, and our team understands not everyone has the proper heavy capital investment to lay down on construction. But Storm Shield Restoration offers a special financing option to help you secure your project's finality while also offering other benefits just for using financing. It can spell doom for some construction companies when funding runs out but financing allows for easier payment acquisition which helps allocate the proper funding where it needs to go.

Our construction financing options can also help to improve your credit for help on home improvement loans. When you think of home improvement financing, think of Storm Shield Restoration!


Perks of Home Improvement Financing With Storm Shield & Hearth®


No Impact on Credit Score
One Minute Pre-Qualification
Manageable Monthly Payments
Prepayments Incur No Penalties
Up To $100,000 in Loan Amounts
Home Equity Not Required



Why Would A Homeowner Need Home Improvement Financing For Their Home?

We see it too often, construction projects are doomed to never finish because the proper funding was never seen through to the end. Storm Shield Restoration offers the unique opportunity for homeowners to finance their home improvement projects; allowing for the proper payments to get where they're needed and allow funding for the entirety of the home improvement endeavor. Not every homeowner may need financing for their home improvement project, but we have it available for those who do.





Main Reasons For Home Improvement Financing in Texas:

Remodeling, Renovations, Property Improvements, Kitchens, Bathrooms, & Upgrades

The home improvement or renovation/remodeling ambitions of our clients can vary as much as their budget, so it's important for us to not only adopt versatility in our service application but also in mediating the project on a financial front as well. Having said that, continue reading about our partnership with Hearth and how we can assist with home improvement financing & funding.



Interested in Home Improvement Financing Through Storm Shield?

If you find yourself interested in home improvement financing through Storm Shield Restoration, just give us a call and talk to one of our home improvement financing specialists. We can explain any and all details you might need for your potential home improvement project. We offer finance so those who don't have the intense capital that is sometimes required for a project in an ulterior way are able to afford home improvement projects. It can happen when we least expect it but home improvement is a part of our lives, give us a call when you find yourself in need of financing home improvement professionals.

Our Role(s) Regarding Home Improvement Financing in Texas

    Home Remodeling
    We all know home remodels are a massive project to entail with your home, it can be invasive, dirty, and expensive. With our home remodel financing program, we can make your project an affordable, clean, and streamlined remodel process.


    Home Renovation
    Renovations are always a surefire way of increasing the property value of your home but are oftentimes not the cheapest. With our affordable financing for all home renovation projects, you can assure your renovation will be finished right and on time.


    Home Kitchen
    Adding attention to your home's kitchen to boost the value of your property is a great idea. With the Storm Shield Restorations financing system, you can allocate every dollar to your home project and avoid any budgetary problems.


    Home Bathroom
    Some home bathroom projects can require a large amount of capital to get your project even in the making. But our crew offers home bathroom financing that you can take advantage of. Opportunities to revamp your bathrooms can happen when you least expect it to, so come to Storm Shield Restoration for your home bathroom financing.


    Home Improvement
    When you find yourself looking for home improvement changes or special upgrades around the house, come to Storm Shield Restoration, offering unique home improvement financing for you. We know not everyone can afford the heavy initial investment that can come with home improvement and construction which is why we put our system in place.


✔ Seeking To Enhance Your Bathroom(s)
Maximizing the most of your property can come in a variety of forms, and one proven way to add appeal, aesthetics, & ameneties in fell swoop is to focus on your home's bathroom(s). Reach out to our financing specialists to see what options are available for bathroom financing.



✔ Exploring Renovation Opportunities
Renovations come to us at some of the most inconvenient times, it can sometimes be out of our hands when we need to renovate a space. Thankfully with Storm Shield Restoration, our plethora of renovation opportunities are at your fingertips.



✔ Endeavoring To Fund A Remodeling Project
Remodeling and renovation projects can often come with a hefty price tag when looking at the overall project budget. We can supply the proper information and near exact estimates to help pinpoint what you'll be dealing with for your remodeling project.


Custom Builds

✔ Enhance Value Via Custom Construction
Nearly any type of custom construction done with Storm Shield Restoration will increase the overall property value of your home or business. We can explore all your possible options with our variety of custom construction packages.

Home Improvement

✔ Add Aesthetics By Improving Home Amenities
Some of our home improvement financing can increase the pleasantry of looking at your home, with our home amenities installations and creations, Storm Shield Restoration is the team to count on when looking for a boost in home aesthetics.



✔ Obtaining Financing For A New Kitchen
Meeting with our specialized representatives and consultation experts for your new kitchen will help find your financeability. We can discuss materials, labor, project types, and everything else surrounding the financing for a new/custom kitchen.